Syracuse City Ordinances

The Syracuse City Code is hosted on the Code Publishing website and can be accessed by using the following link:  

Syracuse City Code

There are a few outstanding ordinances that have not been included in this first publication of the City Code; for that reason, the links to the most current versions of Titles 8 and 10 are still available below.  If you have any questions about any of the content in the City Code, please contact City Recorder Cassie Brown at (801) 614-9633 or 

Title VIII Subdivision Ordinance

    8-1     Purpose

     8-2     General Provisions

     8-3     Public Improvements

     8-4     Subdivision Sketch (Concept) Plan

     8-5     Preliminary Subdivision Review

     8-6     Final Subdivision Review

     8-7     Enforcement, Permits and Penalties

     8-8     Amendments, Validity, Repealer

Title VIII Appendix

    Section 1    Earthwork

     Section 2    Surfacing and Paving

     Section 3    Portland Cement Concrete

     Section 4    Steel Reinforcement

     Section 5    Sidewalks

     Section 6    Curb and Gutter

     Section 7    Excavation and Backfill for Pipelines

     Section 8    Culinary Water

     Section 9    Sanitary Sewers

     Section 10  Storm Sewers

     Section 11  Land Drains

     Section 12  Secondary Water

     Section 13  Roadway Lighting

Title X Land Use

   10-1    General Provisions

    10-2     Definitions

    10-3     Administration and Enforcement

    10-4     Administrative and Development Review Procedures

    10-5     Nonconforming Lots and Uses and Noncomplying Structures

    10-6     General Land Use Regulations

   10-7     Home Occupations and Intermittent Commercial Uses

    10-8     Off Street Parking

    10-9     Sign and Lighting Regulations

    10-10     Establishment of Zones

    10-11    A-1 Agriculture (.5 lots per net acre)

    10-12    R-1 Residential (2.9 lots per net acre)

    10-13    R-2 Residential (3.79 lots per net acre)

    10-14    R-3 Residential (5.44 lots per net acre)

    10-15    PRD - Planned Residential Development (up to 8.0 dwelling units per net acre; or up to 12.0 dwelling units per net acre, subject to recommendation by the Planning Commission and approval by the City Council)

    10-16    Cluster Subdivision (Conditional Use)

    10-17    PO - Professional Office

    10-18    GC - General Commercial

    10-19    C-2  Commercial

    10-20    Town Center Overlay Zone
    10-21    Neighborhood Services Zone
    10-22    Business Park Zone

    10-23    Research Park

    10-24    ID - Industrial Development

    10-25    Sensitive Area Overlay

    10-26    Wireless Telecommunications

    10-27    Location of Sexually-Oriented Businesses
    10-28    Architectural Review Committee and Design Standards

General Plan

Ordinance 12-04

   General Plan History & Process

   Master Goal

   Population Projections

   Community Pride/Identity

   Agricultural Character

   Land Use

   Land Use - Residential

   Land Use - Commercial

   Land Use - Light Industrial

   Land Use - Professional Office


   Public Services and Capital Facilities

   Planning Districts

   General Plan Implementation

Town Center Plan

   Guide to this Document

    Section I: Executive Summary

    Section II: Vision

    Section III: Introduction and Background

    Section IV: The Syracuse Town Center Plan

    Section V: Design Guideline Examples

    Section VI-VII: Development Administration; Dark Store Policy/Warranty Bond

    Appendix A: Street Tree List