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The Syracuse ISLAND

The Syracuse ISLAND (A fun acronym for: Interactive Splash-Lovers All-abilities Native Destination) is a planned water feature to be located at Centennial Park next to Chloe's Sunshine Playground. It features a 10-ft water fall structure, splash river, and fountains. It also includes pavilions and shade structures.   Click here to see the video.

The theme of The ISLAND is inspired by Antelope Island, which makes sense, since Syracuse City is the "Gateway to Antelope Island".

Additional funding is needed to build features such as additional shade structures and a pavilion, so the City is looking to the community to help pitch in.

If you or your business would like to be a sponsor, you can donate directly online, or please contact Kresta Robinson at krobinson@syracuseut.com, or 801-614-9654. Your name or your business name will be engraved on the sponsors wall for all visitors to see.

Thank you Syracuse residents! You are awesome!!


1. What is the Syracuse ISLAND?
Answer:  The Syracuse ISLAND is an interactive, all-abilities water feature that Syracuse City is planning to build next to Chloe's Sunshine Playground.  It will add to the all-abilities features offered by Syracuse City at Centennial Park.  You mean, its splash pad or something?  Oh, its so much more than that!

2. Why are you raising funds for the ISLAND?
Answer:  Park improvements aren't cheap.  To build the ISLAND, it will take over $1.5 million.  The City has been able to provide for most of the funding, but it needs to raise about $350,000 to really fulfill the vision for the project.

3. How are you paying for the rest of the ISLAND?
Answer: The short answer - growth.  With every home that is built in Syracuse City, a parks and open space impact fee is required.  The City has been able to save up the revenue from all the new homes in Syracuse, and will be using it to pay for most of the ISLAND.

4. Are my property taxes being used to construct the ISLAND?
Answer: No.  The City Council is only using impact fee revenue, and is considering the possibility of using RAP (Recreation, Arts, and Parks) tax money.

5. What is RAP tax money?
Answer: The RAP tax is a tax that the voters of Syracuse approved in November of 2017.  It is a 0.1% sales tax on all goods sold within the City.  The revenue from the RAP tax can only be used for projects and programs related to recreation, arts, or parks.

6. What features will the ISLAND have?
Answer: First, the ISLAND will take a theme of our beloved neighbor, Antelope Island.  After all, Syracuse City is the "Gateway to Antelope Island".  The area will be flanked with Cor-Ten Steel bison, who loom over the water feature.  The water feature itself starts with 10-ft tall water fall canyon, then flows through a winding "river", passing through fountains and sprays, before ending at a splash area with large fountain.  Two shaded pavilions are planned, along with restrooms.  In addition, a series of shade structures are planned.  The shade structures will have cut-outs of various birds, which project the bird images on the ground when the sun shines through it.  There will also be grass seating areas.

7.  I'm concerned about wasting water.  Will this use a lot of water?
Answer:  Not really.  But first, it should be made clear that this will not use secondary water, only culinary water.  The water feature is operated similar to swimming pool in terms of utilizing a recirculating treatment system.  The water will be retreated and recirculated, so it uses less water.  Occasionally, the water storage for the water feature will be replenished with new culinary water.

8.  I would like to be a part of this great feature in our City.  How can I do that?
Answer:  You can donate, and you can invite businesses and other organizations to donate. Click her to donate online. If desired, you will also get your name/business name engraved on the sponsorship wall for all the visitors of the ISLAND to see.  

Donation levels are follows:

  • Buffalo club sponsor- $150
  • Antelope club sponsor- $500
  • Big Horn club sponsor- $1,000
  • Owl club sponsor- $5,000
  • Eagle club sponsor– Champion Level Contributor
Contact Kresta Robinson, Parks & Recreation Director at krobinson@syracuseut.com , or (801) 614-9622, or donate directly online by clicking here.