Hydrant Flow Tests
As we transition from winter to spring and summer, the Fire Department would like you to be aware of one of our important maintenance activities.  In coordination with Public Works and the Water Department, firefighters will be opening and flowing fire hydrants throughout the city.  There are many reasons for this, including insuring the integrity of the fire hydrant hardware (main connection, valves, stem, caps etc) and documentation of the pressures and gallon-per-minute flows the hydrant can provide.  We believe our public culinary water system in place is in good shape overall, and that we will have the water capacity needed for a firefighting emergency on any given day.  Testing the pressures and flows regularly helps identify any problem areas or hardware within the water system.

One of the noticeable side effects of these hydrant flows is a temporary discoloration of the water in the immediate area of the flow.  When a hydrant is opened the sediment in the main is stirred up which creates murky water.  We will keep the hydrant open until the water flows clear, but you may experience cloudy or murky water from your home business faucet for a few hours following a hydrant flow.  Be assured there is nothing wrong with the water, and it will clear in a short time.

We appreciate your support of this important maintenance activity through the summer months.  If you know of a specific hydrant that has sustained damage through the winter months, please contact the Fire or Public Works Departments.   Be Safe!