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Utility Department 
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To sign up for green waste pickup, call (801) 825-1477  Option 1


Green Waste Recycling

What Green Waste is:
- Tree and shrubbery trimmings / NO thorns
- Grass Clippings
- Garden Waste
- Old Produce
- Green Yard Waste
- NO bag of any kind
- Manure: fill only 1/3 full

What Green Waste is NOT:
- Glass
- Aluminum or other metals
- Rocks, dirt, or sod
- Household refuse

Any containated green waste recycling containers will not be emptied.

Please note that this program is for the residences of city of Syracuse only.  This recycling program will run through the months of April 1st to November 30th.  During the months of December to March, the container can be used for household waste.

All green waste must fit within the container.  If limbs, trimmings or other green waste extends above or over the height of the can, the container will not be emptied until the container lid can be closed.

How much does it cost? 
$7.50 per green can - per month

When will it be picked up? 
The pick up for green waste will be the same day as the residental collection, but it will be picked up by a different truck.